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Author Dani Elias loves writing about British working-class hotties and the women who are their happily-ever-after. Her stories are short, sweet & steamy.

She lives in the South of England and has a great passion for travel, something that does appear in her books as well.

She is a big fan of sweet and steamy romance novels, especially those of Mary E Thompson, Lacy Black, Lana Dash, Kalyee Ryan, Lila Rose, and Hope Ford. 


Get ready to meet the guys from the Fellside Mountain Rescue volunteers. Dani's first series of novellas is set in the Lake District (North of England), and tells the story of some real-life heroes looking for love. 


Next, she will take you to the magical cities on an ancient trading route. Get ready for a trip of love in a bright pink bus in the Silk Road Diaries

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